The first shampoo for a protected kitten! It was hard as rumored!

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It’s been almost a month since we welcomed the protected kittens “Ame” and “Tsuyu” to our house on June 22nd.

The first shampoo for a protected kitten! IAt first I had a cold and I was worried about what my eyes would look like, but I’m really fine. From the day the kittens became a family, their weight almost doubled.

Ordinary cats do not want to wash the body with a shampoo. Let’s get used to washing the body from the time of kitten! So we challenged kitten shampoo!

Things I prepared to shampoo my kitten

A large bowl purchased at a 100 yen shop is a tub of a kitten. ※ The toothbrush to be taken together is for size confirmation.

This shampoo was used this time.

Tusyu. Were you attracted to a good smell?

Kitten’s bathing time

First of all, I tried if a kitten came into the bathroom by myself. Kitten did not enter in a scared.

I lifted kitten and put it in hot water from their feet.

Kitten opens a large foot

Kitten is very hated and trying to escape.

Next to the bathtub

I will wet the “Tsuyu” little by hot water.

When the whole body was wet …

“Tsuyu” gave up to resist.

Shampoo start!

There are no photos since I washed a kitten with two people from here.

“Ame” also shampooed.

“Ame” has been quite resistant.
Therefore, I couldn’t afford to take a picture.

Impression of shampoo.

The first shampoo of our kitten seems to have not given a very good impression.
Humanly, the touch of the cat’s hair after shampoo was good feeling, so I would like to do it regularly.

We need to think about something good.

Time with Ame & Tsuyu

Postnatal day 87 (estimated)
37th day of meeting
26th day of living together